· By Aron Can Gultekin


At only 16 years old, Aron Can dropped his first single, Þekkir stráginn, and the jaw of the Icelandic nation dropped along with it. Word quickly spread and as he self-released his first mixtape in 2016, without any advertising, the heavy traffic caused his website to crash. It contained the smash hit Enginn mórall which dominated the charts for months, along with other RnB melodies delicately intertwined with modern trap beats. 


“He’s fucking good,” as Reykjavík Grapevine once stated. Right from the get-go, his singles have been A-listed on the biggest pop stations in Iceland and he has received praise from all the major outlets. Loved and adored by the press, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service stated he was the Icelandic Weeknd, unafraid to go uncharted ways in creation and business. The “teen rap dream”, as described by i-D Vice, continued to roam the charts, producing one hit after the other, such as Rúllupp, Aldrei heim, and the renowned hit Fullir vasar, which is closing in on 3 million streams on Spotify. He continued collaborating with Iceland’s biggest artists such as JóiPé and Króli (Sósa), Emmsjé Gauti (Silfurskotta) and Unnsteinn (Geri ekki neitt) and by the end of 2017, he had become the most popular artist on Spotify in Iceland, and without even realizing it, an identity of his generation.


The trap starlet quickly became popular in the live events world. He performed memorably at Iceland Airwaves, Secret Solstice, and Sónar and became the go-to pop artist when names like Young Thug and Migos needed a local warm-up act. At one point, Aron even shared a stage with the Black Eyed Peas. Later on, he started traveling to Norway and has played a couple of times in Oslo as well as G-Fest in Bergen and the Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad.


Not only has Aron Can been applauded by the public and the press. The music community has recognized his works numerous times. He was nominated for the Iceland Music Awards in three categories after his debut album and often takes home awards from The Listening Awards for music releases and videos. 


Aron Can has come a long way. Once, a 10 year old skipping classes to write lyrics in the school bathroom, now, a critically acclaimed artist releasing his fourth album, ANDI, LÍF, HJARTA, SÁL, work that he himself is immensely proud of. He has upped the ante by skillfully manipulating his voice with harmonic effects, and partnering up with the likes of GDRN, Birnir and the Norwegian heavy hitter Unge Ferrari, giving new fans from all over Scandinavia something to talk about.